Building Leaders. Unlocking Potential.

Leadership is Practice makes people better through coaching and leadership development training. Like lawyers practice law, leaders practice leadership by continuously refining their skills and living out leadership theories. With Leadership is Practice, we not only educate on proven leadership practices but also provide tailored resources, empowering individuals and organizations to create a meaningful difference.

LaCerius Cross

LaCerius "LC" Cross is the founder of Leadership is Practice, with experience leading and managing leadership development, coaching, and diversity & inclusion programs for a Fortune 500 company. He has served over 200 leaders and 5000 employees through the training and programs he created and managed, influencing employee and customer experiences.

LC also has served on the board and as a part of the executive leadership team for a non-profit organization, focusing on building and equipping people toward their purpose. He is motivated by his passion to unlock potential in others to help them see their value and walk in their purpose. As a lifelong learner, he believes in cultivating growth in others and fostering a growth mindset culture.

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