The Eight Practices of Quintessential Leadership

Leadership is not a position or a title; it's an observable set of skills and abilities that can be learned. After years of research that included shadowing, observing, and interviewing leaders at all levels, the PRACTICE framework was created. This framework captures eight leadership practices displayed when leaders demonstrate effective leadership. They are perseverance, respect, authenticity, coaching, tactical, inspiration, collaboration, and evolving. These practices serve as a comprehensive guide for developing and recognizing effective leadership in various contexts

  • Perseverance

    Leaders create opportunities for victory and remain persistent through challenges, obstacles, and resistance.

  • Respect

    Leaders continuously think of others and treat people with genuine kindness, empathy, and consideration.

  • Authenticity

    Leaders understand who they are, and are true to themselves, their principles, and the values that guide them.

  • Coaching

    Leaders build and develop people by teaching them essential skills and positively influencing their behaviors.

  • Tactical

    Leaders are strategic and plan for the future while executing in the present and adapting as needed to ensure they meet their goals.

  • Inspiration

    Leaders are passionate about the vision, and they connect others to the mission and motivate and encourage them to take action.

  • Collaboration

    Leaders make connections, build teams, and work with others to solve problems, meet objectives, help people, and build the future.

  • Evolving

    Leaders are continuous learners and act as agents of change that challenge the status quo to improve processes and ensure future success.

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